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Digital Dating Directory (D-Cubed)

No one ever said love was easy, but no one said it needed to be difficult either…


What is the Digital Dating Directory?

The Digital Dating Directory – affectionately known as D-cubed – is a platform solely designed to digest love-related problems and produce calculated, bespoke and applicable solutions to the individual.

Digital Dating Directory, D-Cubed

As a love coach, I’m passionate about helping people solve their love dilemmas without dishing out vague, Instagram-worthy quotes and mantras. I’m also not a fan of extortionate packages. However, when you decide to make your love-life a priority, the first part of your journey begins to take form.


How Can I Ignite My Love-Life?

A lot of people, especially singletons, fall into the trap of believing that once they’ve entered an exclusive relationship, the work stops.

On the contrary, the work starts and never stops!

But let’s not cloud that statement with mystery. It takes work to maintain a human being. Take yourself, as a familiar example. When you’re blessed to wake up without any aches and pains, you need to be able to eat, drink and transport yourself around for the day’s tasks ahead. Your partner will have these requirements as well, so there’s one thing you have in common: survival.

Additionally, there will be rituals you will engage in that help you function at your version of your best. This could be anything from drinking coffee, power-walking, meditating or taking a nap. If you were to miss out on these things, they wouldn’t kill you, but it may affect the way you efficiently approach your environment.  

Another thing to take into consideration is your wants and desires. You may know what you need in terms of survival, but you may not be aware of what you really need. Perhaps you need to be challenged at work or step away from an unknowingly toxic friendship.

What’s your relationship to food? How about money? When was the last time you treated yourself? Have you made time to ask what your best friend might need?

These are random examples but they’re all linked to the way we experience love and how we choose to exercise and receive it.

In = Confusion, Out = Solution

The Digital Dating Directory compiles this list of survival itinerary and aligns it with your list of rituals. Once these two streams of thought patterns are connected, you can start to find areas in your life that are waiting to be utilised. How exciting!


Now that you have an idea of what you need, you’ll start to understand what you don’t need. This may be discovered through work, friends and family, along with a few random encounters along the way. The important thing to remember is that you’re in control of how to respond to life’s experiences. Pay attention to how events turn out, but don’t let them define you or your openness to love and connection.

The Digital Dating Directory nurtures your needs and creates the script and formula you need to share and receive love from the person you love. No calculation is the same because no two people are the same. 

The ‘One Size Fits You’ package explores and solidifies everything you are as a human being.

The result?

You’re gifted with the formula to receive love and desire everywhere you go from anyone you meet. It’s a power that can only be harnessed by your motivation, but it’s a power that we know how to pass on to you. So, there’s only one question: 

Are you ready to find the love of your dreams?

Do you have a question or two for The Digital Dating Directory? Get in touch! I’m here to help you find the love you’ve been desperately searching for!

Send me an email detailing your love-issue or story at to receive a personal consultation and a suitable love-finding package for you!

Don’t forget to email and pre-order my upcoming book ‘How To Successfully Date During A Pandemic’ to gain insight and support on finding love in a world where contact is illegal. What a world!

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Love will prevail! xoxo

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